The Elephant

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Monday, 8 November 2010

The Elephant Project Space. November 2010.

All photos taken by Felicity Crawshaw. Felicity has been in the space nearly everyday documenting it all and here is just a small example of some of the activity going on at the Elephant. She's done a beautiful job and we're very grateful to have her onboard.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Photo Studio with Eva Sajovic and Rebecca Davies


Locals were invited to come and be photographed in the space by Eva. Rebecca painted some giant background illustrations and here are some of the photos. Habib has lived on the Aylesbury for over 35 years and remains on the estate. Rose lived on the Heygate Estate for over 30 years and appears in the Home from Home project. She was recently rehoused and is very happy in her new home just off East Street Market. And Andrew is the housing officer for the Heygate Estate, looking after the 16 flats of residents that remain on the estate who are waiting to be re-housed.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Marcus Coates - 'The Elephant Ritual' and 'Vision Quest'

Vision Quest with Ernie, Heygate Estate, Vision Quest 2010, photo by Nick David, courtesy of the artist & Nomad

Vision Quest with Waheed, Southwark Council, Vision Quest 2010 (film still), courtesy of the artist & Nomad

A Ritual for Elephant & Castle band photo, Heygate Estate, photo by Nick David, courtesy of the artist & Nomad

'The vision has been planned out for this area of London

Buildings, transport, homes, shops, parks – a new slate and bright future for the economically deprived area. One of the largest European redevelopment shemes.

A similar development dream defined the area in the 60’s, this led to initial optimism, then a downward spiral of neglect and lack of investment contributed to the area’s economically and social impoverishment.'

'What is different about this vision?

Have the lessons been learned?

What does community need to know to not repeat problems and to ensure future success?

The ritual for elephant & castle seeks to provide insight to this question using an integrated approach of personal contact, social inclusion, individual and collective imagination and entertainment.'

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Come down!

The Elephant Project Space is now OPEN! Come by and see what's going on! Eva will be setting up for her photo studio today. Kate Morrell will be painting up the timetable on the window and Mike Kilkelly has just completed his Elephant window..

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Eva Sajovic at the Elephant

Eva will be joining us in the first week of stay at Unit 215. On Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd Eva will be setting up a photo studio and inviting all those she photographed in the Home from Home project to come and be re-photographed in the space. Rebecca Davies will be trying her best to re-create the subject's usual surroundings using a paintbrush. On Tuesday 9th at 6.30, Eva will also be talking about her book Home From Home, a collection of her photographs and written by Sarah Butler, which will be available in the space. Take a look at more of Eva's projects at:

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

researching the elephant

A section of the 1950's 'rebuilding' proposal for the Elephant (click the image for larger view), when the budget for the revamp was £3 million. The budget for the present regeneration of the area is £1.5 billion - 500 times its 1950's limit.

researching the elephant

Milkman, just off Walworth Road, 1949

Inside the Elephant and Castle pub, 1948

Bus Stop, the Elephant, 1948

researching the elephant

Rush Hour at the Elephant, 1922.

researching the elephant

The Elephant and Castle, 1825. In the centre of the painting is the original Elephant and Castle pub (from where the area gets its name).

Thursday, 7 October 2010

researching the elephant

The Trocadero music hall (1930-1963) once stood in the middle of the Elephant & Castle roundabout until it's demolition.